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Saskatoon Girls (paperback)


The story of one slacker's reluctant coming-of-age

Kicked out of his parents' house and desperately looking for a minimum wage job to afford rent and cigarettes, 21-year-old slacker Jacob Patterson finds himself involuntarily thrown into the world of adulthood. When he is hired at a children's book store, Jacob believes he has hit the jackpot, being the only male employee working amidst a staff of beautiful, bookish young women. A few kisses later and his life is turned upside-down.

A literary journey that carries the reader from the snowy streets of Saskatoon to the pastoral wilderness of Nelson, British Columbia, Saskatoon Girls is a philosophical exploration of youth, infidelity, drugs and rock 'n' roll. It is a coming-of-age story told through the eyes of a dreamer reluctant to surrender his youth. Cuthbertson's utilitarian writing style calls to mind the works of Bukowski while Cuthbertson's anti-establishment protagonist would fit suitably into the canon of beat generation writing. The novel also features the dazzling cover artwork of Saskatoon artist Yonina Rollack.

Praise for Saskatoon Girls

Already, the book has received praise from prominent members of the Saskatchewan literary scene. Wes Funk, author of Dead Rock Stars and Cherry Blossoms , writes that, "Cuthbertson's first novel doesn't disappoint. With fabulously damaged characters and poignant coming of age moments, Saskatoon Girls is destined to become a contemporary classic - it's a rollicking, poignant and tender journey of one young man grappling to find himself."

Craig Silliphant, author of Exile off Main Street , writes that, "Cuthbertson has honestly captured the wonder and hypocrisy of youthful idealism."

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